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Hi there!

I'm Kasper and I:

  1. Compose music and make sound design for feature films, commercials, games, events and various media communication purposes. ​

  2. Produce music for you and make it sound awesome! This includes recording, mixing & mastering services.

  3. Make killer livestreams, videos and photo shoots

  4. Can be your voiceover speaker.

Since forever, I've been composing, producing and playing music in numerous genres and on several instruments. Not always at the same time, of course - but sometimes:-)

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Music Production





Video Production


Productions Portfolio

Plan Danmark TVC | Music & Sound Design | Chimney
Rise from the Dust
IKEA | Music & Sound Design | Chimney
Tulip Spread TVC | Music & Sound Design | Chimney
Hyundai i30 Wagon Reveal | Music & Sound Design | Chimney
Seas-NVE TVC | Music & Sound Design | Chimney
Stauning Whiskey | Sound Design | Chimney
Sinkin' My Ships - Blue Rose Down (Live Version)
SHAYK2X | Music & Sound Design | Chimney
Continental | Music & Sound Design | Chimney
Lastera - From The Ashes (Lyric video)
Plan Danmark | Music & Sound Design | Chimney
Skab noget magisk | Jul i Silvan
youSee mobil - Samsung Galaxy A52
Wait For Me
Bloody Dice - Bloody Dice - Live at Sweet Silence Studios

Blog posts



Virtual Instruments, Kemper Profiles, Impulse Responses and Drum Samples