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What is a music production and recording process like?

During recording at my place, I’ll supply a creative environment with high end gear, typically both modern and vintage audio equipment, top quality and well maintained instruments, amplifiers and microphones. This means you and your band can completely focus on your performance and be confident that the sound is top-notch. It’s all about capturing that great vibe and get quality source tracks for the further process. I’ll also be supplying an experienced production/mixing engineer who can concentrate on the technical aspects of the recording process. (You guessed it - it's me. :)

Songwriting and preproduction.

Preproduction is the process of figuring out how a song will sound before recording takes place. This includes pre-writing and arranging songs, coming up with an appropriate plan for the song, and rehearsing the music with your band.


Arranging a song means selecting the instruments that play, and where they are within it. This can be thought of as how "arranged" they are to each other, or in what order. This is one of the most important parts of a producer's job to keep an eye on.


Also referred to as 'Tracking' - this is where we actually press the big red record button. We focus on getting the most awesome performance from you in the highest possibly audio quality.


After recording the song, we'll mix it for you or send it to a mixing engineer. The mixing stage includes such processes as adding reverb and delay to instruments, EQ adjustments and balancing out the volume levels of each instrument within a song.


The last stage is mastering, where the final mix will be adjusted for loudness and compressed for vinyl or CD. Mastering also involves making sure that no clipping occurs (when an audio signal exceeds 0 dB) and that all the levels are consistent from start to finish.

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